Secure your family with you or without you


Most of us insure our cars, homes and even our phones – but what about helping to protect our loved ones? Life insurance provides a safety net for your family and loved ones if you die, helping them cope financially during an otherwise difficult time.

Military Life insurance services and critical illness cover are both important and provide vital protection for different sets of circumstances.

You’ll still receive separate policies, meaning that you can make a claim on your critical illness policy without your military life insurance services being affected.

Plus, it’s entirely up to you how much cover you need for each, so you have flexibility to choose an amount that’s right for you. Our insurance company also provide flexibility in other policies too such armed forces life Insurance, armed forces personnel life insurance, Military personnel insurance and in many other policies as per the requirement of the person.

Leaving the Armed Forces can be a daunting prospect. After years of living a structured lifestyle which could involve fighting on the front line, entering what might seem like the comparatively quieter civilian world can take its toll if the transition isn’t properly handled.

Individuals who work in the Army, Navy, RAF, or other branch of military service are generally considered to have a higher occupational risk than those who sit behind a desk. So, to cover your risk, we are here with the right policy for you. We work at the back end to guard you from any unanticipated risk that may arise in future.

Since the day to day risk is so much higher for these individuals, it is important for them to seek proper life insurance coverage to ensure their family will be protected and cared for financially when they pass away. While the military does offer some death benefits, it may be wise to take up and additional policy for added coverage.

Military branches will offer a form of life insurance known as “death in service.” Should a military member pass away while enlisted in the armed forces, the military will present his or her family with a benefits package.

It is important, however, to research what benefits are included in the package and determine whether they will be enough to support your family. Should the “death in service” benefits fall short, you may consider taking up an additional policy as a supplement. That additional supplement that cover your extra risk is the guardian insurance company. Give us a chance to protect you and your family from any unknown circumstances. With years of experience and the perfect analysis we have become a pioneer in providing military life insurance services and armed forces life insurance services.



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