Get assurance with your life insurance

Armed Forces Personnel Life Insurance

Active-duty service members receive free medical and dental care. In addition, the spouse and dependent children of an active-duty service member may enrol in military health care.

Military Life Insurance services can help protect a family’s financial stability. Active-duty service members may select up to $400,000 in Service Group Life Insurance (SGLI) at a cost of only $29 a month, which is automatically deducted from each pay check.

The general idea in determining Military Personnel Insurance, needs is the estimate the family’s actual financial situation in the event of the policyholder’s death. Armed Forces Personnel Life Insurance is not a measure of devotion to loved ones or a monument to self-importance. It is insurance in case of premature death, and it should be used to protect dependents against undue financial hardship. If a service member is not alive to provide for his or her family, insurance coverage should be sufficient to enable them to live comfortably.

Leaving the Armed Forces Life Insurance, can be a daunting prospect. After years of living a structured lifestyle which could involve fighting on the front line, entering what might seem like the comparatively quieter civilian world can take its toll if the transition isn’t properly handled.

If a service member dies on active duty, his/her family is very well protected financially. There are significant government survivor benefits available and most service members carry personal life insurance to provide additional protection.

As an active or retired military service member, members of armed forces , or spouse or children of any of these groups, you are eligible to apply for armed forces personnel life insurance plan at special rates from our Association. Extra coverage can provide important peace of mind that future needs are covered.

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