Benefits of Armed Forces Life Insurance

Armed Forces Life Insurance.jpeg
BE it the army, navy or the air force, people working in the defence forces put their life at risk so that we stay protected from alien forces. Members serving in the forces can be covered by the government who recruited them or through private services too. With groups such as the service group Life Insurance, members can be insured up to a whopping 400,000 USD, unless members opt for other plans.
Military Life Insurance services are playing important role in making the lives of people easier who are serving the nation.

The amount can be changed and be brought down to 50,000 USD or even lesser depending on the preferences. You can update, maintain, and renew the plan online with a few steps. Enrol your beneficiaries who get the money after you. The money can be split across beneficiaries or assigned to a single person who can be trusted with the same.

Be it casualty at the field or a traumatic injury, you always have the option to cover these under the insurance plan. Covering these under the plan helps you stay protect against the loss due to injuries which are inflicted as part of the trauma. Covered members can choose other groups which would cover them. However, if military personnel’s choose to sever themselves from the plan, they still get a 120 day full coverage as a redemption bonus. The coverage can be extended up to two years at a time. There are so many ways to make the most of Armed Forces Life Insurance.

Post the duration, the members can enjoy premium payments and you become eligible for VGLI as well. The pay period and non-pay period are treated and handled differently. Therefore, read the documents before you sign those dotted lines.

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