Armed Forces Personnel Life Insurance – providing safety and security policy measures

Armed Forces Personnel Life Insurance
Military Life Insurance services, are primarily provided to promote the general welfare and
Economic interests of people of the army or the military group, the members of the

Defense and their families by providing low cost group life insurance and related benefits and services principally to military families during peace and war. There are various kinds of

life insurance service that are offered by the Armed Forces Life Insurance


The Death gratuity and the Surviving family benefits are the two most important advantages

that are provided by the Military Personnel Life Insurance services. Below are the detailed

claims of the services.

Death gratuity

This too falls under the insurance service. When the member of the army division or any

military personnel expires while he was on active duty or within 120 days of embarkation,

the last unit they worked with, pays their close of relative an expense of $100,000 death

gratuity. The coverage amount is paid to the family immediate close by blood and bond. In

case the officer has no family then the amount passes on to the closest relative he had.

Surviving family benefits

In extension to the death gratuity granted as a portion of the insurance policy, the surviving

family and the spouse if any receive compensation or any kind of subsidy from the

government for reimbursement for part of the costs of burial. This is provided for unused

DIC that is Dependency Indemnity Compensation and also for accrued leave as well.

There are so many policies and plans available and you can look into. Sometimes this investment prove a great return on the investment for your loved ones. This is a great way that helps save you for so many future problems.

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