Benefits of Military Life Insurance services
The Military members and their families enjoy a careful hand woven safety net of life insurance services. This is tailored in such a way that to meet the unique challenges of the military life should the unthinkable happen. There is an in-house insurance for the Army, Navy and Air Force called Army/ Navy/ Air Force Group Insurance Fund. With no ties to any private insurance provider or LIC, this is easy to look for.

A fixed amount is monthly deducted from the salaries of the members. This amount depends on different ranks for each person. These deductions are organised centrally.


There are so many benefits of Military Life Insurance services. The Life Insurance covers key areas such as Mortality, War/ Battle Casualty invalidment. A handsome relief is offered to the individual and his/ her family. In the case where the individual superannuates from the services, a nice amount is paid to the person as a bonus.

The defence personnel need not cover themselves under medical insurance including for wife and minor children. Under the Ex-Servicemen Health Scheme, they along with their spouses are covered for life. However, there is no restriction on taking individual private funded insurance plan. As children once become adults do not come under the scheme, therefore, it is prudent to take medical insurance cover for them.

New Scheme

For providing better Armed Forces Personnel Life Insurance to its personnel, Army has therefore increased the Army Group Insurance Fund (AGIF) by Rs.10 lakh and R.5 lakh for its 35,000 officers and for over 1 million soldiers respectively. Increasing the AGIF cover for soldiers in the new scheme can be beneficial. The officers will avail coverage of Rs.40 lakh and Rs.20 lakh for soldiers in many countries.

Over the past years, various new monetary measures have been initiated by the Defence Ministry to ensure better life and facilities for military members.

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